What is Marwari Plus?

Marwari Plus helps businesses to maintain their daily functions like inventory management, Accounts management, invoicing, and many more. Our aim is to focus on the development of innovative feature to solve the daily business problems & marketing of the same. We are having a customer base over 4000+ including prestigios one.

Why choose us?

Experience Matters

Marwari is a team of highly skilled professionals led by experienced IT experts, we have working for the past 9 years with glory and joy.

Dedicated Resources and Customer Satisfaction

We are having a dedicated cutomer relationship manger over every 60 clients to ensure high quality support and flawless user experience.

Optimal pricing

We offer the best rates to our clients which are competitive and fair. There are no surprise bills or any sort of financial stress while dealing with us.

Industries We Serve

Paints & Plywood Store
Krishi Mandi
Tiles & Sanitary
Home Appliances
Building Material
Electrical Goods
Cold Store
Pesticides Stores
Cosmetic & FMCG
Super Market (POS)
Garments & Footwear
Molding Units
Spare Parts
Assembling Units
Industrial Store

Software Features

Features POS Basic Standard Enterprises Sugar Cube Criss-Cross
Pricing INR 8,000* INR 15,000* INR 24,000* INR 60,000* INR 24,000* INR 24,000*
Sale Register
Voucher Cancellation
Search Party from Name/ Mobile/ GSTIN
Export Report (PDF Excel)
Drill Down from Reports to Voucher
Multiple Price Lists for Items
Party-wise Price Structure for Items
Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice
Data Backup on Email
Purchase Boucher
Accounting Vouchers
E-Invoice/E-Way Bill Generation
Data Freezing
Financial Accounting
GST Reports (GSTR1, GSTR3B, GSTR9)
Import Masters from MS-Excel
Inventory (Stock Report)
Invoice on E-Mail/SMS/Whatsapp
Merging of Account / Item Masters
Restrict Back-Dated Entries
Itemwise Discount Slabs
Export To Tally
Digital Signature on Invoice
Continuos Invoice Printing
Reconciliation of GSTR2A
Payment Reminder on Whatsapp
Outstanding Reports - Bill-By-Bill Basis
Interest Calculation
Order Management
Voucher Replication/Duplication
Adv. Inventory (Nug-Weight/Batch/MRP)
Provision for FREE QTY in Inventory
Primary Alternate and Packaging Unit
Item Serial Number-wise Tracking
Parametrized Stock (Size, Colour etc.)
Job Work Management
Business & Personal Mode
Multi Godown
Cloud Backup
Android Application
User-Definable Warning Alarms
User-Definable Optional Fields in Masters
User-Definable Optional Fields in Vouchers
User-Definable Access Rights
User Activity Log
Graphs & Charts
Option to Change Labels & Captions
Auto Backup on Cloud Server
Maker-Checker Option
Multi State GST Management
Sale Advice (Mill)
Delivery Order (D.O.)
Auto E-mail to Mill
Auto SMS/Whatsapp to Broker
Daily D.O. Register
Broker Order Management
Import Masters from MS-Excel
Continuous D.O. Printing
Single Entry for Sale/Purchase
Accounting Vouchers
Financial Accounting
Outstanding Reports - Bill-By-Bill Basis
Order Management
Import Masters from MS-Excel
Data Freezing
Merging of Account / Item Masters
Business & Personal Mode
Cloud Backup
Android Aplication

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How we work


You can't solve a problem until you do not have sufficient knowledge about it. So, step one is to dive deeper into the industry's way of work to find a solution.


A team is created for that particular project, to make sure the implementation and delegation of work are done effectively amongst the team.


During the time of delivery "Quality Check" plays a major role. A separate QC department is created to ensure, work delivered by team Marwari is standardized.

What our clients say

We are using Faspi from the Past Year. It is very easy to use and makes Accounting more easy. It is economically goods for our pocket and it save a lot of time, money and paper. We are happy by using this software. Thank you Faspi for creating such a wonderful software.

Mr. Hari Krishan Gupta
Bishamber Sahai Hari Krishan

We are using Software FASPI. It is very easy to use and it make accounting more easy,it is sufficient to use. Faspi Save a lot of time. By using this software and new technology our requirment is fullifill and no other system is required. Thank you for making such a wonderful software.

Mr. Avinesh Jain
Sanmati paints &Colour Solution

I am thankful to Marwari Plus for his best quality. This Software make me so easy for my business work by reminding the debtors stock problem etc. So thank you again to Marwari Plus and special thanks to Mr. Aman Gupta.

Mr. Subodh Bhardwaj
Bhardwaj Paints

Thanks to Faspi for my continuously busniss growth throught its special easy to operate features, Faspi Software help my business Accounts systematically manag, Without this Software it was not easy for me to manage my business account properly and speedly.

Mr. Pranshu Goyal
Goyal Paints & Hardware